You’ve been super busy building your business.

And barely had time to look at your finances.

But it’s not too late.

Financial peace of mind in your business in just 5 minutes a day!


What if, like Julia Sarver, you could say...

“I actually LOOK FORWARD to doing my numbers now, you’ve made it so easy.”

You can’t make MORE of what you IGNORE.

If you want to make more money, then you have to look at your money.

Do you have systems in place where you're planning, tracking, and forecasting your finances?

Or are you winging it?

Covering expenses with multiple credit cards, convincing yourself you’re making money even though you have no proof, and just plain struggling at tax time? 

Because let's be honest, who knows if that charge to your bank account last July was for the kid’s school supplies or your business supplies?

You know you should be doing better, but it’s all so overwhelming.

I’ve been there, done that and I’m here to say...

It’s time to stop SHOULDING on yourself. 



Master Your Money In Just Minutes A Day

October 25th - 29th, 2021



What if you could feel this way instead?

✓ Relieved

This simple, low-tech way to manage your business finances that only takes 5 minutes to set up and begin using (you’re welcome!).

✓ Empowered

Having 100% visibility into your finances to make those critical financial decisions to level up your business and life. 

✓ Confident

Knowing exactly how much income is coming in and going out and tracking them against your set income and expense goals. 


My simple, low-tech business finance systems help entrepreneurs get their finances right and tight in just 5 MINUTES A DAY!

The truth is, it makes no sense blaming and shaming yourself for not focusing more on the finances. We’ve all been there. You're busy building your business. The numbers get ignored. And that’s ok! The most important next thing is "what will you do about it TODAY?"

Financial peace of mind in your business and life!

It can be yours in just 5 minutes a day!

Would you prefer someone just do this with you or for you?

I get it - it’s overwhelming pulling all your numbers together and getting it lined up for tax time, and you’ve got things to do (that you actually enjoy!). 

Sometimes, updating those numbers is a DIY that is NFY (not for you).

Let's talk about what you need to get this weight off your shoulders once and for all!


Hi, I’m Nicole Barham!

I work with women entrepreneurs helping them go from being stressed-out about money to financial peace of mind, by showing them how to organize and automate their finances in just a few minutes a day!

Never again will you say "where in the heck did all my money go?!"

And you won't have to scramble at tax time to find old receipts and download 12 months of bank and credit card statements to pull your numbers together, slippin' and slidin' all the way to the tax deadline (it's ok, go ahead and happy dance).

I've been featured in First For Women, Authority and Essence magazines sharing my simple secrets to get and stay on top of your finances in just a few minutes a day.

I can't wait to help you change your finances!