You don't need to hire a bookkeeper.

Or wrestle with confusing finance software.

To get ready for tax season.

5 Minute Bookkeeper is a simple low-tech, stress-free way to manage your numbers in just 5 minutes a day so you can head into tax season with CEO-level ease and confidence.

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Get one year access to:

✅ A new spreadsheet system for each year.
✅ Simple "how to" videos to help you keep your numbers updated.
✅ A list of ALL the frequently used IRS categories and what expenses fall within those categories plus future updates.
✅ Best practices for Bookkeeping and record keeping and free advice from our resident IRS Enrolled Agent with over 25 years experience as a tax professional.
And most importantly
✅ Weekly co-working (aka babysitting) sessions for support and accountability in our private FB community of amazing entrepreneurs.

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It’s past time to give up:

  • The overwhelm and anxiety because you don’t know where your finances stand.
  • Spending forever and a day getting your finances organized for the year.
  • Covering expenses with credit cards because you have no idea how much profit you have (if any!)
  • Missing business deductions because you don’t remember if that old receipt was for the recliner you bought for your home or your new office chair.
  • The feeling of shame for how you’ve ended up here.

You don't want to scramble at tax time anymore, skidding in just under the deadline. And you’re tired of not having your finances in order. 

It’s time to manage your business finances like the boss you truly are. 

Are you ready to cry happy tears over your business numbers?

The 5 Minute Bookkeeper is my easy-to-implement business finance tracking + planning system that you can learn and implement in FIVE MINUTES flat.

WITHOUT being a numbers person.

WITHOUT hiring a bookkeeper.

WITHOUT a big learning curve.

WITHOUT the DIY spreadsheets you built that never work right.

WITHOUT those fancy-shmancy-famous bookkeeper programs that take days off your life trying to learn how to use them because they aint quick or fresh.

Managing your business finances just got a whole lot easier (and WAY more fun) with 5 Minute Bookkeeper in your back pocket.

5 Minute Bookkeeper is a:

  • Simple, low-tech, and effective way to get visibility into your biz numbers.
  • Quick way to see where your business income and expenses stand in real time.
  • Easy way to set income goals and keep track of your monthly and yearly targets.
  • System designed to help you turn “I’m not ready for tax time!” into “I can have my business records to you in January!.”

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You’ll also get one year access to the 5 Minute Bookkeeper Membership Program

The Membership is the One-Stop Entrepreneur Shop for Business Finances

  • How to choose different business types
  • What expenses are eligible as a business write-off?
  • What to do to avoid being audited
  • Guest expert workshops each month
  • All updates to 5 Minute Bookkeeper spreadsheets and formulas are included FREE
  • Resources to help your business thrive
Give it to me already!

Hi, I’m Nicole Barham.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you think about your business finances. At least, that’s how I felt for years.

I was scared to look at my money. So I never really knew where I stood. I sort of knew my income, but my expenses were all over the place. And because I never paid attention to any of it, I wasn’t prepared for just how bad it all was.

Even with my background in accounting!

In the end, I had to declare bankruptcy with 6 figures in debt. If I had looked at my numbers a year or two before, I could have saved a lot of heartache and stress for me and my family. I didn’t want to go through that again.

So I learned how to create simple spreadsheets to start tracking my own finances. That work eventually led to me creating 5 Minute Bookkeeper for Solopreneurs. 

Rest assured that when you purchase 5 Minute Bookkeeper, you’re not just buying a spreadsheet. You’re buying my experiences and leapfrogging to the good stuff - a simple system that’s now been tested and proven with thousands of customers just like you.

See you inside?

Sold! How do I pay?

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If you watch my demo video at the very top of this page, you’ll see just how simple it is. There’s no adding, subtracting, formulas, or sorcery involved. The spreadsheet does it all for you (oh wait...maybe that’s sorcery). You can see everything clear and clean all on one page. And if you’re nervous about learning it? Rest assured - you can learn the entire system during a commercial break from Stranger Things (you’re welcome!).

Gosh NO! When you get 5 Minute Bookkeeper you get access to many resources which include a 5 minute video that shows you how to quickly get all your numbers from your bank or credit card account into the spreadsheet in a fraction of the time you would take to do it on your own. 

I hear you. But this work won’t happen on its own. If you can’t spend 5 minutes a day on this, you might be interested in my done-with-you or done-for-you services. You can schedule a time to chat about it HERE.

Most of those platforms are designed for a more complex business model. For someone who is a sole proprietor like you who just needs a simple way to report business finances, these platforms are complex to navigate and require you to have bookkeeping/accounting training. They take hours (or days) to learn, only to discover most of it doesn’t apply to you. More often than not, I see people abandon their finances altogether out of sheer frustration, and I hate seeing that.

I sure do! You can schedule time to chat about how I can help you or take this important task off your don’t-want-to-do list HERE.

5 Minute Bookkeeper is a business finance system to keep your numbers right and tight and ready for tax time. When you purchase it, you have access to proprietary, copyrighted content. If you’re not satisfied with the content after purchase, I’d love to know why. We can discuss how to make the content work better for you, but unfortunately I do not offer refunds.

No problem - just email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you within 24 - 48 hours.

You ready to slay that finance dragon for good?

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But Nicole, I’m just not sure I’m ready yet

Don't you worry...I got you!

I know how scary it is to look at your numbers the first time, especially if it’s been years since you last did it. Been there, done that!

But I know my system can help you, but if you’re not ready yet, that’s ok.

I’d like to at least make things a little easier for you.

I’m giving you my free guide to IRS categories and definitions so you can start getting your finances in order on your own. It’s one of the resources I include in 5 Minute Bookkeeper.

Just sign up for my email newsletter to get your copy. You’ll also get program updates, coupons, and announcements. So you can get to know me, my systems, and more about how I operate. And occasionally, you can catch some sweet deals on 5 Minute Bookkeeper.

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