5 Minute Personal Tracker

The ONE Tool You Need To Successfully Manage Your Finances

Hi! I'm Nicole Barham and this is the demo of a finance tracking tool I created to help my clients track their personal finances in just MINUTES a day!

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OK! Here are the DEETS!

FINALLY! A solution to managing your finances that actually WORKS

What you'll get:

  • Easy to use financial tracker for 2022 - no special software or tech skills needed
  • Access to private Facebook group to ask questions and get support 
  • Simple "how-to" videos to keep you on top of your numbers
  • Weekly co-working sessions aka Money Dates, for support and accountability
  • You WILL be able to stay on top of your finances like clock work in just 5 MINUTES  a day
  • This is NOT a restrictive budget that has you cutting all your spending
  • This is NOT me telling you what to do with your money
  • You WILL know where every dollar goes instead of wondering where it went
  • You WILL be more aware and spend consciously without having a restrictive budget

Ahhh...the sweet feeling of financial peace of mind

You ready?