Master Your Money In Minutes A Day

Jan. 17th - 21st, 2022



You became an entrepreneur because you knew it was the solution to financial freedom and building wealth for you and your family.

Your business is making close to or at 6 figures and you want to get to multiple 6 and beyond but you:

X don't have any proper financial systems to manage your finances.

X don't know how much money comes in and goes out of your business daily/weekly/monthly.

X are always scrambling at tax time to get your numbers together before the deadline.

X just plain hate looking at the numbers!

It’s as if this “building wealth by being an entrepreneur” deal isn’t going as planned AT ALL.

How do I know? Because this was MY LIFE!

Hi! I’m Nicole Barham, and 6 years ago I wasn't paying attention to my finances causing my very successful business to hit rock bottom to the point where I had to file bankruptcy.

Then I used the wealth building secrets that I will share with you in the workshop to pull myself out of financial ruin to now creating a MULTIPLE 6 figure a year business.

I'm a Finance Coach, creator of 5 Minute Bookkeeper™ and the CEO of Design Your Wealth.

I teach women entrepreneurs how to build wildly successful businesses and create generational wealth by managing their finances in just minutes a day.

You may have seen me in ESSENCE, First for Women, Authority Magazine...or on these internet streets saying "pay attention to your money because you can't make more of what you ignore".


Don't take my word for it though, hear what Dr Juliana has to say about working with me.


Design Your Wealth Workshop

Master Your Money In Minutes A Day

Jan. 17th - 21st, 2022 at 8PM EST

Hear what more entrepreneurs like you have to say:

Kristin went from making $220k to $440k a year!


OK so, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that not knowing your numbers is causing you sleepless nights and slowing down your progress to building your business to multiple 6 figures and beyond!

The good news is I’ve created the Design Your Wealth workshop just for you.

Join me to learn how to be that badass CEO not just in your business but also in your finances, by using some simple strategies that will literally change the financial trajectory of your business.


What you'll learn:

Day 1: Master the Fundamentals - Practical tips and strategies to build a sustainable money management practice without the overwhelm.

Day 2: Master Your Money Mindset - Rewrite your money story to change your finances.

Day 3: Master Your Money, Create Your Future - Financial mastery changes the trajectory of your business.

Day 4: Client Interviews

Day 5: More Client Interviews

Day 6: Bonus Q & A Session 



Grachelle changed her money mindset and took back control of her finances and was READY to buy her dream home!


I know you must be wondering…
Nicole, if this works why is it FREE?

Well that’s because I was in your shoes and I’m dedicated to helping as many entrepreneurs as possible to see that when you control your finances you literally can create your future.


Julia FINALLY started paying herself after being in business for YEARS and not paying herself!