5 Minute Money Secrets for Solopreneurs

Get a handle on your business finances with money secrets for building a solid financial foundation.

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Most business decisions are centered around money.

So why do so many entrepreneurs ignore their numbers?


If you’re someone who is afraid to look at your business finances, you’re not alone. 
(That was me once too!)

You probably already know that prioritizing your finances is VITAL to your business success.
But that doesn’t make it any easier to do.

What if you could...

  • Get a handle on your start-up and monthly costs so you know how much you need to allocate for expenses each month
  • Eliminate money stress and organize your finances so they’re easier to track, allowing you to always know where you stand
  • Feel confident in your ability to make smart financial decisions because you have clarity on your business finances

This is all possible once you get a better understanding of your finances and learn to track them consistently.

Discover the steps you need to take to take control of your business finances and set yourself up for success.



In 5 Minute Money Secrets for Solopreneurs, I share the business finance secrets most entrepreneurs don’t know (or they don’t prioritize!) You’ll get steps that you can start implementing TODAY to get a handle on your business finances. 

This is exactly what you need to build a solid financial foundation for your business so it can thrive for years to come!


Inside the 5 Minute Money Secrets Guide, you’re going to get 6 money secrets I typically only share with my paying clients. Not only will you learn these secrets for yourself, but you’ll discover actions you can start taking today to build a solid foundation for your business finances.

Get secrets on…

  • How to understand your business finances
  • Why it’s essential to separate your business and personal finances
  • How to track your finances for business success

Don’t wait until tax time to get your business finances right! Get this guide so you can start making smarter money decisions in your business TODAY.

Hi, I'm Nicole.

For years, I was scared to look at my money.

Even with a background in accounting, I never really kept track of my own expenses and only sort of knew what my income was.

I didn’t know just how bad my finances were… until I found myself declaring bankruptcy with 6-figures in debt.

I could have saved myself and my family a lot of heartache and stress if only I had looked at my numbers a year or two before.

From that moment on, I promised myself I would never go through that again. That’s when I started creating a simple spreadsheet to start tracking my own finances.

Eventually, the simple system I created for myself became my signature product, 5 Minute Bookkeeper - an easy, low-tech solution for tracking and organizing business finances that makes tax time a breeze.

5-Minute Money Secrets for Solopreneurs brings together insights from my 20+ years of professional and personal experience working with solopreneurs (and being one myself). 

This guide will help you get started organizing your businesses finances the right way so you can build a solid financial foundation from the start!


(You'll thank me at tax time.)

Get the 5-minute money secrets you need to start building a solid financial foundation for your business NOW!