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5 Minute Bookkeeper for Solopreneurs (6 monthly payments)

A super low-tech, stress-free way to manage your business finances in just 5 minutes or less a day

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My customers are THRILLED:

OK so listen. I am really great at my job. But as a solopreneur you're forced to wear all the other hats, too, right? Marketing, copywriting, customer service, admin, and... the money stuff. Bookkeeping kind of makes me want to (throw up) and every year I have an entire weekend blocked out to get my tax info ready for my accountant. It's like... The least fun thing I could think of. Also, she asked me for a Profit & Loss Statement this year and I had to Google what that was. Ugh. I have signed up for just about every money-tracking app out there, and finally just made my own spreadsheets (yes multiple) but nothing, literally nothing has been as easy and simple as 5 Minute Bookkeeper. Mind, literally blown. NICOLE, I DIDN'T KNOW A SPREADSHEET COULD DO ALL THAT!! Yes I'm yelling but it's IMPORTANT. I have never, in all my years, understood how to figure out my profit. I know, I know, but I'm telling you, I freeze up when it comes to numbers and math and money. Well this year I said "no more" and then Nicole came along with this wizardry and changed my entire life. I had one month this year where I had $1.50 in profit. But you know what, I KNEW THAT CAUSE OF 5 MIN BOOKKEEPER. I wouldn't even have known otherwise!! I can also EASILY see what I need to change in order to make MORE profit and reach my business goals. Keeping my head out of the sand feels way less terrifying now. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nicole for helping me level up my relationship to money and be big grown up. You have somehow made this process way less scary and actually - somehow - fun?!

Michelle Casey

I purchased Nicole's 5 minute Bookkeeper today. It took a few hours to get all of 2020 plugged in but now I am set for the rest of the year and can go in each week and maintain. PHEW. This has been in the back of my mind for MONTHS. It is SO easy to use, already breaks up expenses in the exact ways its broken up on your tax return and it's making it easier for me to really see what I accomplished in the first half of the year (consistent $3k-$5k months? WHAT?) and where I need to go for the rest of 2020. I 100% recommend this to all my fellow new entrepreneurs who aren't paying much attention to their finances at the moment. It really helped me understand what I am spending each month to run this company and I feel like I can breathe because I know I am finally tracking my expenses for real for real! Great product Nicole! Thank you for creating it!!

Sasha Huff

The 5 Minute Bookkeeper is amazing. For the first time in 16+ years of business not only am I doing my own bookkeeping (in a few minutes a day), but I’m afraid to say I might even be enjoying it, lol. I HATE spreadsheets, but all of my financials at my fingertips has made me feel in charge of my business and ready to crush my financial goals. It’s clear that not only is this saving me money, but it’s also gonna make me money because I’m able to budget better and understand exactly where to invest my resources to grow my enterprise. Run don’t walk to buy this product!

Brandi Jordan